We are always delighted to receive feedback at the treatment rooms, here is a small sample of the comments we have had

"... thank you David for the shiatsu on my back after my car accident. The pain was unbareable and has gone in just one session"
Shiatsu Massage performed by David Talbot

"... my husband is a big man who works as a road digger, he really needed a deep tissue massage and that is exactly what he got. It must have been hard work on him, thank you so much - he has been so much more bareable since the massage and will definately be coming back"
Tui-na Massage performed by Jasmin Mas

"... I used to think homoeopathy was such mumbo jumbo, but after two sessions with Deb I am seeing the benefits, a much nicer alternative to HRT"
Homoeopathic treatment by Deb Wisdom

"... the finest massage of my life"
Aromatherapy massage performed by Wendy Cornford

"... I just can't stop coming back, how did I ever live without reflexology, my monthly retreat from the children and husband!"
Reflexology treatment by Linda Beckenham